August 1st, 2010

Confused, dragon

'Composing Pictures' Back in Print

Don Graham was an instructor at the Chouinard Art Institute (later CalArts) from the 1930's to the late '60s.  He also taught evening art classes at the young Disney studio for many years.*  His seminal work Composing Pictures was a epiphany to me.  Among other things, it taught me that from a compositional standpoint there is no difference between abstract and representational art, and that good composition is the most important aspect of a graphic work (a lesson I continually forget).  It's one of those books that every artist should read, but like most such books, it has been long out of print.  I had to pay through the nose for my copy, which I was lucky to even find.

But now it's back in print, softcover, thirty bucks on Amazon.  Run!  Go!  Get it!  Read it!  You can't help but benefit from it.

*A position now held by Marc McDonnell, whose book is also excellent.
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Confused, dragon

Day 214

Manga Studio and Paint Tool Sai demos for a friend.

Con Plague is nearly gone, finally
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