November 24th, 2010

Confused, dragon

Day 328

Some tablet studies at work, but mostly drinking with cow orkers (only a half day of work today) and watching Tangled.

I have to revise my opinion of Tangled.  Though the story (and especially the songs) are virtually a parody of a Disney film (like Enchanted was), and the character designs were rather bland, I still have to say that I think this film raised the bar for 3D feature animation in almost every way.  Besides some impressive advances in cloth and (naturally) hair, the broad performances had a hand-drawn plasticity that you rarely see done successfully in a CG film-- extreme squash and stretch, and even some Clampett-like smears, which I wouldn't think you could get away with in three dimensions.  But there were some exquisite bits of subtle acting as well, close-up on the character's face and you could really feel the emotion as if it was a living breathing person rather than a CG puppet.  Most of these were on Rapunzel, who turned in one of the best animated performances I've ever seen.  The film was also nicely edited-- definitely a modern style, but it worked well.

Don't see this movie in 3D.  It adds nothing, and it subtracts from one of the best things about the film: the color.  OMG the color.  So delicious.
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