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Shards of a Cracked Mind

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John Scharmen
22 January 1967
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Born in Riverside, California; escaped to San Diego at age twenty. Childhood spent in front of TV. Teen years spent reading, doodling, and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Adulthood spent... well you can read the Interests entry for yourself.
2d animation, a chinese ghost story, aa my goddess, adam warren, animals, animaniacs, animation, anime, animism, azumanga daioh, balto, band of brothers, barry hughart, beatles, bogart, bone, bouguereau, bridge of birds, buckaroo banzai, call of duty, carla speed mcneil, cartooning, cat stevens, cats, cats don't dance, celtic, chet baker, cirque du soleil, classic disney, classic star trek, classic star wars, classic warner brothers animation, classical music, comic books, costume, coyotes, daily show, deer, delerium, depeche mode, digital painting, dixieland, dragons, drawing, duke ellington, dungeons & dragons, electric light orchestra, elves, emma bull, enigma, enya, faeries, fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, fine art, firefly, fleetwood mac, forest, foxes, gazelle, ghibli, greek mythology, griffins, harp, hiking, hong kong action films, horses, ico, irish folk, j.r.r. tolkien, jackie chan, james horner, jane siberry, jazz, jesus christ superstar, joe hisaishi, john singer sargent, john williams, joss whedon, julie london, katamari damacy, keely smith, kenichi sonoda, kim possible, kingdom hearts, lost, louis prima, lounge music, madonna, maison ikkoku, manga, medieval history, mythology, nature, oingo boingo, old europe, orbital, otters, outback, paul simon, pet shop boys, peter gabriel, phil foglio, photography, piano, pink floyd, pixar, powerpuff girls, ragtime, ravens, red pandas, roleplaying games, rumiko takahashi, rush, samurai jack, sarah mclachlan, science fiction, scott joplin, scottish, scrabble, secret of nimh, serenity, settlers of catan, shaolin soccer, simon and garfunkel, simpsons, sims 2, snow, spyro the dragon, star wars: clone wars, sting, the iron giant, the police, the princess bride, the wrath of khan, they might be giants, this mortal coil, tiny toon adventures, tony diterlizzi, urusei yatsura, vince guaraldi, world music, world of warcraft, yellowstone, yotsubato, zatoichi, élané

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